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Kennedy Jones Knows all about The Art of Love

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Kennedy Jones knows all about love, so why not make a killer track about "The Art Of Love?"

Kennedy Jones - The Art Of Love (Original Mix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

"Here's a free download of my new song titled "The Art Of Love". Listen to it and comment what it makes you think about/feel. As always, sending love to my real Kennedy Jones supporters out there that keep an OPEN MUSICAL MIND! I don't just make ONE type of music and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have such incredibly accepting supporters! Enjoy it and if you support it please, share it with your friends by clicking reshare!" Kennedy Jones says in the description of the song on Soundcloud. I love this chill sound, it's something that you wouldn't typically expect from Kennedy which is why I think I like it so's different. It just makes me want to sit back and relax. This track is for those days where you just aren't feeling 100%, and maybe this can lift you up a little bit. Perfect for these fall days. I am #TeamKJ and I love this. tumblr_n9b7psowQp1ti466ao1_500 I was lucky enough to ask Kennedy some questions about this track. Check them out:

OTB: What went into making "The Art Of Love" because it is such a different sound then what you normally produce?

Kennedy Jones: I was actually doing a phone interview for a blog's "Aspire to Inspire" column and I was sitting in the studio talking about some pretty deep personal history that inspires me to keep going in my musical path and I started writing the arpeggiation in FL on the phone with the interviewer.  I sat down today and just wrote the rest of the tune, thinking the least bit possible.  I wanted to write something more fluid than INTRO, buildup, breakdown, melody, drop; repeat.  The song is supposed to illustrate what I've gone through the last month in my life and hopefully the emotion invoked will help someone get through their hard time.  I'm happy with the way it came out and I hope my supporters enjoy it.

OTB: How do you think #TeamKJ will like the track?

Kennedy Jones: I am proud to say my supporters are some of the most open minded and opinionated individuals on the planet.  I don't feed them filler music constantly.  When they get a song from me, they know I mean every note of it from my heart. No part of me thinks they will not be supportive of this work.  They're incredible, as a matter of fact, the people that support me the hardest are more than incredible, they're family!  I love y'all #TeamKJ.

OTB: Can we expect more tracks like this from you in the future?

Kennedy Jones: I guess it all depends on how I'm feeling. I hope I can make something like this again soon but it all depends on my musical soul needs to say at the time of composition.  Regardless, I have ALOT of new music coming very soon, keep your eyes peeled!

OTB: What is your opinion on genres?

Kennedy Jones: Genres to me are just like a Dewey Decimal System for a library.  They're just a name, not an identity.  I mean, there are people out there who identify themselves in a genre specific manner and that's ok too.  I just like to let people understand that I am a musician, not a trap artist.  I'm a classically trained percussionist, a lyricist, vocalist, a DJ, a performer; and a MUSIC producer; not a "Trap DJ".  I feel like people everyday are opening their minds to understanding that MUSICIANS make MUSIC and they are looking every day for MUSIC (of any genre) that they enjoy.  That makes me smile.