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RL Grime Makes Sure You're Awake with Scylla

Monday, October 27, 2014

I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling lethargic as hell this morning and even a strong cup of coffee couldn't keep the sleepies away...until I just clicked on RL Grime's latest track "Scylla. " A follow up from his equally dope and intense single "Core," the intensity of "Scylla" from his new VOID album is sure to make anyone pumped about their work day. Starting with a buildup featuring some metal as fuck vocal rips, RL Grime utilizes what almost seem like alarm sounds in trap music better than any other producer, in my opinion. The drop (of course the "sweet spot" of many trap songs) is hardly lacking. I could have done with something a little more intense there, but it flows well with the rest of the track. [caption id="attachment_27725" align="aligncenter" width="500"]If only Todd was smart enough to serve Mugatu "Scylla" instead of a foamy latte... If only Todd was smart enough to serve Mugatu "Scylla" instead of a foamy latte...[/caption] The release comes just in time for the producer's headlining VOID Tour, kicking off on October 30th and continuing onto his own stage at HARD Day of the Dead on November 2nd. Want to cop the VOID album now and see what else is in store from this unique trap contender? You can preorder it here! Seriously though, give this tune a listen, and skip the coffee.