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What Real DJing Looks Like

Thursday, November 13, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Enferno continues to show off his live DJing skills as he lets loose his remix of Childish Gambino’s 3005. Becoming well known for his music videos showcasing his skills on the decks, Enferno shows off his homemade studio while blowing our ears and eyes away with his movements. Check out the video below.

Childish Gambino - 3005 (Enferno Remix)

This is What Real DJing is!

As more and more artists come under scrutiny for “only pressing the drop button,” Enferno continues to show that it is not only one button. Showing off live-scratching is always impressive and his quick movement between each instrument reminds me of a drumstick zooming around a drumset. He continues to set the bar for what it means to be a DJ. While the music world still struggles to accept the genre as more than a marketing ploy, they need to remember how people thought about rock music, the Beatles or Elvis the first time they heard them. They said it wasn’t music, it was too loud, it wouldn’t last… sounds familiar doesn’t it? If Enferno hasn’t caught your attention yet with this music video, let me tell you that this is his normal way to release music. His Youtube channel is filled with music videos of him showing off his skills as a DJ instead of the normal group of 20-somethings skipping work and driving off to the middle of nowhere to enjoy a concert. I prefer watching how artists are creating their music, not because I want reassurance of their work but because of the emotions artists have while mixing music. Enjoy Enferno’s music video and look forward to new releases from him and his new duo with DJ SHIFTEE, E.A.S.Y. Keep track of them all through social media and comment below on your thoughts about Enferno’s live DJing.

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