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Prince Fox Does Not Have a Blind Heart to Trap

Friday, November 28, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Cazzette surprised us with a beautiful Tech House original in “Blind Heart.” Apparently, everyone else has enjoyed the tune just as much as we have here at Only The Beat, as remixes have been flying out of producer’s hands at light speed. Prince Fox is the latest artist to remix the tune giving it a head-bobbing, trap rework that takes you to a place high above the clouds.

 Cazzette - Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

The bass beat is the throbbing heart of the song as the familiar lyrics entertain our mind. Prince Fox drops a beautiful beat making this a perfect tune to add into anybody’s trap set. This is one of those songs where the music itself speaks better than words can describe. The beautiful synthesizers create a heavenly trap feel that Slander and Party Thieves will fall in love with. Prince Fox, a New York native, is quickly making a name for himself with remixes like this.

This is What Trap Sounds Like

As trap is quickly evolving, we are seeing a plethora of artists joining the genre in hopes to capitalize on its popularity. Sadly though, we are seeing a “dumbing” down of the genre in music quality similar to what was seen in 2011 with dubstep. While everyone enjoys the latest twerk anthem (I also include myself in that group) we are seeing less creative pieces pop up on SoundCloud that are drowning trap in big bass and reflect little creativity (festival trap anyone?) Prince Fox is proving to be a bright spot in the genre as his music is filled with excellent production quality and musicality. While the tune is only available for stream right now, the Blind Heart remix album will be released December 9th, available through iTunes. Give it a listen, check out Prince Fox on SoundCloud, and enjoy.