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LVX and Instant Party! Turn DubVision's Tune into Driving Music

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Instant Party! and LVX teamed up to give Dubvision's progressive anthem, "Turn It Around" a chill trap rework that is instantly playable anywhere. The progressive beat is replaced with smooth trap bass and chopped melody that will make anyone dance their feet off. The haunting vocals grab your heart and wrap you in the mood as this set-ready track rocks you with bass.

 DubVision - Turn It Around (LVX x Instant Party! Remix)

The feels are present in this one as the vocals send you through the atmosphere while LVX and Instant Party! throw in a groovy trap beat that will make the stone faces of Easter Island bob up and down. This new "progressive trap" is taking the trap genre to new heights. The bass beat will fit in trap playlists perfectly while the progressive melody makes it perfect for those pre-party setlists.. Easter_island Instant Party! continues to prove they are a force to be reckoned with as LVX shows another side to his productions, stepping away from his heavier tracks with this emotion filled tune. Instant Party! has been on a tear lately as both artists continue to solidify a following, "Turn It Around" is a great piece to add to their discography. Grab the free download by following both artists on SoundCloud and throw this track on your playlist .