Music Predators Initiate Some Birthday Lovin’ w/ Jeremih Remix

The Music Predators finally did it. Jeremih’s 2009 bedroom beat “Birthday Sex” remains everybody’s favorite birthday song and now we have a perfect trap remix to insert into our late night electronic mix from Music Predators. They must have heard that my birthday was coming up as it is also available for free download.

 Birthday Sex (Music Predators Remix)

The song starts off with a similar opening of the original if slightly sped up. As the melody kicks in behind the lyrics, your body can’t help but get swept into the song. Heads bob as we all lip sync the well known chorus and lyrics. Music Predators add in a smooth vibe that infects everyone from the first beat.

The Music Predators have been one of my secret crushes since they released Adventure Time. This Italian duo is making a solid name in the Dubstep and Trap genre as they continue to unload song after song out to us through their SoundCloud. With many quality tracks to their name, 2015 should promise to be a good one for these two.

Check them out across social media on their Facebook and Twitter, along with their SoundCloud account. Enjoy the free download and have a happy birthday if it’s your lucky day.

Alex Zimmerman

Alex Zimmerman

Music has always been a passion of mine, being the kid trying to find the latest music to listen to. In college, I was exposed to Emalkay's "When I Look At You" and EDM quickly became my favorite genre. I hope to show people through writing what EDM has done to me and hope I can help people discover the beauty that is EDM.
Alex Zimmerman
- 15 hours ago
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