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Grab Your Spatula, There’s a Rogue ‘Rattlesnake’ in the Kitchen!

Sunday, February 22, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

While genres tend to oversimplify artists as they create songs, Monstercat’s English producer Joel Hunt (aka Rogue) creates music that he wants to hear, regardless of the genre. In Hunt's newest release “Rattlesnake,” he traps things up a bit with a wonky style that reminds me of some Jack U. Listen below. Rogue starts off the tune with a massive 10 seconds that will blow everyone’s mind. Releasing you into a synth filled buildup, this melody will truly take your breath away. Joel Hunt takes everyone by surprise with a massive trap drop that will rock everyone to the floor. There’s a strong sound of what only can be described as "kitchen style." You know, that sudden urge when you’re cooking to break out in a crazy drum solo? That’s what it sounds like (just go with it). Add in some electronic “waaahs” and you have “Rattlesnake.” Rogue Rattlesnake Album Art This song is perfect to get your groove on and the weekend started. Rogue uses a style that fits perfectly with Skrillex and Diplo’s sound in Jack U, so don’t be surprised if you here this making the rounds in some live sets. Play this one out at the weekend party and make sure you’re in your kitchen for this one. Check out Rogue on Facebook and Twitter and check out his music on SoundCloud. You can purchase the tune through iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp.