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IMLAY Plays “Mind Games” with Your Head

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

This one goes out to everyone who has had someone mess with their head. I’m sure everyone can relate. IMLAY implants a stellar trap beat into Palisades original “Mind Games” that will have you bobbing your head over and over again. The original produced by Palisades mixes genres as it contains a massive metal riff along with a bouncey electro beat that will have plenty of people nodding their heads. IMLAY decided to flip the original into a tune that sports the staccato trap beat that has been gaining popularity recently. Add in some deep bass into it and now you have a trap gem at your fingertips. I’m surprised that IMLAY didn’t keep some of the metal riffs that were so prevalent in the original but that doesn’t put a damper on how good I think this remix is.

Palisades - Mind Games (IMLAY Remix)

The South Korea native is definitely making a name for himself in the electronic world as he continues to impress everyone with his style of production and ability to create remixes and originals alike. While he only has 3,000 followers, his music sounds like he should have more. With quality like this, we should keep an eye out for future music from him. Check out IMLAY’s and Palisades’ socials along with IMLAY's SoundCloud and keep your eye out for new originals and remixes from them both. Enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD and I promise you, they aren’t trying to play mind games with you, it’s just that good.