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San Holo is Winning with his New Victory EP

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

What a beaut! If you haven’t heard of San Holo, you might want to get familiar. With over 100,000 followers on SoundCloud, over 6 million plays on a song and support from the bass god himself Skrillex, San Holo is poised to set the world by storm with his intricate bass tunes. His newest EP, Victory, delivers us the future of bass music and is a must have for any bass lover. Check out the title track “Victory” off the EP and check out what our writer, Janessa, had to say about the title track.
"This track gets right into that memory storage of summers gone by, chilling with old friends, meeting new ones, sharing some libations, and general shenanigans."
Grab some headphones, turn the bass up and enjoy the journey San Holo has laid out.

San Holo - Victory

The intricate synth work is noticeable from the very beginning as San Holo incorporates big bass for all the bassheads out there. In a sound that reminds me of Porter Robinson with a bit more bass, San Holo lays down one of my favorite bass tunes to date as he incorporates a huge beat that will have your head bobbing back and forth through the entire tune. This song is super repeatable and will surely be on everyone’s most played playlist, and there’s no question why. Just wait though, there’s more. san holo picture "Hold Fast" continues the bass and the intricate synth work as San Holo makes this a dreamy track to get your body moving even more than "Victory." With some booming bass, some haunting vocals and a melody that will grab everyone's hearts, this is a solid choice for best out of the 3. "Shrooms" is a step into the deeper side of future bass as he displays the heaviness of bass music in this track. From the beginning second, you can tell this has a different feel than the other two tracks. Something darker, heavier, maybe a little trippy is aloof in "Shrooms," and its awesome. The drop comes in and shatters normality as San Holo submerges you into his world. The bass smashes you in the face as he rides an impressive synthesizer melody over the bass that will make any basshead smile. Need some heavy bass in your life? This track is for you.

So Which is My Favorite?

Is there any world that I can say that all three are my favorite? All three are totally different, yet exist harmoniously together in this EP that it is hard to choose just one. San Holo shows off why he's been getting so much praise lately from the industry leaders and trust me, fans are starting to take notice. As Monstercat states, he is so far ahead of the curve, and I couldn't agree more. Everyone needs to buy this EP Purchase The Victory EP through iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp and make sure to show him some love in the comments below. Check out San Holo on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud and make sure to keep the name on the top of your mind. He is blowing up faster than a stick of dynamite. Go ahead replay the entire EP and take a “Victory” lap.