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2016 Will Be Massive For Party Thieves

If you don't know who Party Thieves is by now then where have you been the past few months? Hailing from New York a career in music was not always the plan for him as he attended the United States Military Academy (West Point) fast forward to today where he is performing in front of thousands of people. In January his long awaited single "Chief" was released via Main Course, which has gained over 1 million plays. "Chief" has been heavily supported by many such as Jack U, RL Grime, and many more. Off his release of "Chief" he was asked by both trap rising stars Slander & NGHTMRE to remix a track off their Nuclear Bonds EP called "Gud Vibrations" which caught the eye of Flosstradamus. This past week alone Party Thieves has had some pretty huge accomplishments such as reaching 50k Soundcloud followers, being represented by Circle Talent Agency and the release of his #THEFTARMY Long Sleeves sold out in less than 24 hours. I'd say Party Thieves is on the rise. Eventhough he is probably busier than ever right now I was able to ask him a few questions about everything that has happened this past week. OTB: You have just recently started being represented by Circle Talent Agency, what is it like knowing you're now on a line up with so many huge producers and artists? Party ThievesI’m very excited to start working with Circle Talent, I have already been pushed on a few festivals to end the year and bigger shows. The lineup they have is so diverse and massive, I am very ecstatic to start playing with some of my fellow trap’ers. OTBNow that you are with Circle Talent Agency is there anyone on that line up who you would like to collaborate with? Party ThievesA Slander x Party Thieves collab is inevitable, but I would also love to work with Ricky Remedy. OTBThis past week you put out your “50K #THEFTARMY MIX” via Soundcloud due to you reaching 50,000 followers, the mix is jampacked with unreleased tunes, are there any track on there you can tell me about? Party ThievesI start off the mix with a new tune JayKode and I cooked up since I’ve been out in LA, we are just waiting for some vocals for it. There’s also another ID snuck in there at the end of the mix. OTB: This past week you also released you #THEFTARMY Long Sleeves via your merch store and the 100 shirts sold out in less than 24 hours will there be more merch coming out in the future? Party ThievesYes! I like to release shirts/merch 100 at a time, I just feel like it makes the experience more unique and personable for each person that gets one. I will probably add more items to the next merch release but for now only plan on seeing new merch every 3-6 months. OTBI saw you already have a few show dates coming up soon, can we expect a full tour coming soon? Party ThievesYea July was more of a production month for me, was able to work on some tunes with friends here in LA before I go back to the east coast. The fall will be pack with tons of shows and Australia + New Zealand tour. OTBLastly are there any upcoming tracks you can tell us about? Party ThievesI’ve really slowed down on putting out tracks and really want to focus the end of this year for maybe one or two more releases, but really prep for some heavy hitters to drop for next year. Collabs right now with UZ, Jackal, Slander, Jaykode, B Sides, & a very very big collab that I can’t quite mention yet. Going to really push limits in 2016.

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