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Noisestorm Pulls Off The Heist Of The Century

Sunday, October 18, 2015
Janessa Demeule

Dublin's Eion O'Broin, more widely know as Monstercat's own Noisestorm, is back with another show stopper. His latest track, "Heist" is a bombastic charge of production madness. Noisestorm really went all out on this track; crisp kicks blend with heavy bass stabs, blaring horns, and dirty synth work. The final product is a Trap fiends fix. Each buildup and breakdown rapidly expanding and condensing to pure audio excitement. One could imagine "Heist" playing in the background of a rooftop chase scene in any action movie. On his Soundcloud O'Broin gives insight to his new track, "I had a lot of fun making this one- trying to push my production a bit further than usual and step outside my comfort zone!" By far one of the best tracks to be released this October. The layered intensity brings about a frantic sense of urgency without losing any of it's quality. Despite being out of his comfort zone, O'Broin did a tremendous job making it his own. There was a huge hype going around for this track, and O'Broin's diligence really shines for it. Don't believe the hype yet? Listen below and hop aboard the Hype Train!