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What So Not Releases EP Title Track 'Divide and Conquer'

Saturday, August 20, 2016
Snehal Yarlagadda

I made a list of artists I had to see at EDC and What So Not was on top of that list. What So Not was playing at cosmicMEADOW which I thought was very fitting given his style of music. He opens his set with an eerie, ominous tune which we now know as 'Divide and Conquer' and when the bass dropped everyone in the crowd went bonkers. I remember a group of guys next to me screaming, "OH MY GOD, HOLY SHIT, WHAT, OH MY" and then they head banged for a solid 30 seconds. Only What So Not can deliver a track that both has a heavy bassline and acoustic aspect to it. The intro is stretched out and the build up brings us to a distorted synth and bass heavy drop. In the past few months, What So Not has shocked fans by releasing material that is so distinct and evolved from the older music he put out. The 808 heavy tracks have lent to this unique sound that truly showcases his expertise in Trap. Fans were dismayed when Flume departed from What So Not but the tracks Emoh has released under What So Not have not only been pushing boundaries but also redefining Trap music. 'Divide and Conquer' is just a sneak peak for what's in store for us. This is the title track from What So Not's new EP which is out on September 9th. He goes on tour starting September 16th, so if he is in your city you definitely want to see him. One thing is for sure, we can't wait to listen to the EP this coming weekend.

What So Not - Divide & Conquer

Track List 1. Divide & Conquer 2. Severance 3. Lone (feat. JOY.) - w/ GANZ 4. Buried (feat. Rome Fortune) - w/ George Maple 5. Montreal (feat. Kimbra ) 6. Trust w/ BURNS 7. Adieu

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