“After All” Slander and Yookie’s Wrecking Ball!

Slander teams up with New York’s Yookie on a track that’s going to absolutely wreck bass stages this fall; Heaven trap meets Yookie filth – an unstoppable force. A major player in the festival circuit, Slander’s done Ultra, EDC and countless others in and around the country. Yookie’s no chump either, having releases on Kannibalen, Buygore and Dim Mak.

Slander Filling in for Nicky Romero @ Nocturnal Wonderland 2014

Slander filling in for Nicky Romero @ Nocturnal Wonderland 2014

The land of the free isn’t only the home of the brave, but also home of the sickest bass around. When you listen to artists like Slander it becomes obvious that Trap is our specialty. Electrifying vocals, blistering synths, and all the low end you could ever want…this track is a destroyer! Check it out!

Jinzo lends his vocals to a perfect backdrop of filtered chords and effects. Eerie, yet empowering…much like fall itself. The energy build up throughout the break is seamless; it’s all in the details. Getting on my producer’s soapbox for a second: the difference between amateur and professional is in the details – introducing new instruments to hook the listener. Volume, filter, EQ automation makes sure the sounds don’t stagnate and bore the listener. After all, we do this for you – the listener.

Never Say Die – A British record label that’s become synonymous with bass, constantly releasing the heaviest sounds to grace a DJ booth. Zomboy, Habstrakt and Skism are just part of a team of bass demolition specialists called Never Say Die.

Buy Slander and Yookie’s “After All” – Out Now on Never Say Die Records!



I am a Trance/Electro producer from the Seattle-Eastside area. I want to know EDM better and am always trying to find new sounds.
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