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Miss Passion Quit Computer Engineering AND Modeling to DJ

Sunday, November 09, 2014
Casie Millhouse

As a new artist on the Hammarica label, the Istanbul born and bread lady of the night Miss Passion takes the bull by the horns with her first release Addicted Soul. A perfect companion to any DJs EDM set. Only The Beat gets the exclusive interview on the raising star. OTB: So I'm seriously digging your accidental DJ beginnings. Can you walk me through that story all the way up until you finally got paid? Miss Passion: At my age of 18, I started my career – not as a DJ, but as a model. During this time I discovered my passion for playing music which eventually let me become a DJ as well.Then I've been improving my skills on a daily basis by listening to DJ sets and tracks of my favorite artists. OTB: Prior to DJing, what kind of crappy jobs did you have? Miss Passion: To say the truth, after I graduated from university as a computer engineer, I never made a career with my profession. Because I already was playing as a beginner and chose to raise as a professional DJ. OTB: What gave you that final leap of faith to taking music head-on? Miss Passion: Music was the most the most important part of my life anyway. It didn't make me think so much, I was just looking for a chance like everybody does. I think I am so lucky that I started in the right place and with the right people on time. OTB: Can you tell me about the inspiration for your latest release 'Addicted Soul'. What sort of direction did you want to take the music to? Miss Passion: Sometimes, you hear some melodies from your mind and you want to see that arrangement on your screen, and what I tried was to catch a melodic main room groove which defines something without lyrics. But when it was close to finalizing the project, I understood it would be meaningless without a vocal. By a great chance, we met with Serenna Dee on a social media search. While I was looking for the best voice to my track, she was checking over my previous works at the same time. After a short conversation, we made a deal to finalize it together. She wrote and sang these magnificent lyrics. And ADDICTED SOUL was born. OTB: Being situated in the same time but not the same space with your audience, what atmosphere do you seek out for your gigs? Miss Passion: What I seek out is a high level energy of a mad crowd who never wants to stop dancing! And their accompany of course! OTB: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you? Miss Passion: One of my fan who almost enjoys all of my gigs in Istanbul prepared a short video showcase from the best parts of the best shows I performed at. He gave it to me as a present. OTB: As you head forward in the music industry what are you really intrigued by and where do you see yourself evolving? Miss Passion: As I believe and mention in every occasion, if you can dream it means you can succeed. And my dream is to be one of the best female djs in the universe. Patience, hardworking and my passion for music will bring me there, that’s my strongest feeling.

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