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Mat Zo is the Newest Bad Boy on the Block

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Mat Zo shows off his grimey side with new single "Ruffneck Bad Boy". He recently finished this tune in late October (the 29th to be exact) and after receiving plays on ABGT 103 and 104, the track was finally released to the world  yesterday. Beware though, this song is a monster and is sure to apart of his upcoming Winter Roadshow Mad Zoo,

Mat Zo - Ruffneck Bad Boy

With "Ruffneck Bad Boy" we can clearly see that Mat Zo has been living life like the bad boy he really is. Stepping away from his regular groovy beats, this track moves to the dark side as he creates an outrageously dirty, crowd mobbing and bass filled hit that might just scare the original Mat Zo lovers out there. Some people call it dubstep, some call it garbage, some call it transformer sex and others, like Above & Beyond, can’t place it in a genre. I am one of those others. The middle eastern vibe around the midpoint of the track sends the crowd into a dance filled craze while the bass growls waiting, like a lion, to pounce on its prey. The growl is similar to Skrillex’s original sound in "Scary Monster and Nice Sprites". Maybe I’m digging this tune because I found my way into EDM through the bass heavy style of Skrillex and Excision. Maybe it's because I feel like a  little bit of a ruffneck bad boy myself. [caption id="attachment_28673" align="aligncenter" width="435"]bass music lasers Mat Zo I can only imagine that this is what the song would look like live[/caption] The lyrics speak of living life like a bad boy and Mat Zo certainly fits that description. After confessing to ghost producing his radio show for the past couple months, I guess the backlash made him feel like a bad boy. He also has noted that he wouldn't mind producing for Krewella as the group searches for a third member. Whatever was in Zo's food that caused him to create this type of song should be fed to all the bass music producers out there as he shows what the genre should sound like with the addition of his excellent production skills. Listen to the tune on SoundCloud and add it to your playlists to get the crowd bumping. If you haven' already, get your tickets to Madd Zoo! I don't know about you, but for me, this has been on repeat all day.