Gear Up For Winter With SkiiTour

For the past four years Tim and Dave, the boys behind musical duo SkiiTour, have been creating genre-bending mixes, live sets and remixes of many popular electronic tunes. The pair has successfully created a name for themselves through their live shows; they bring their love of shredding fresh powder, don some sexy retro ski gear and usually feature a snow machine or two. This past year, SkiiTour played a beautiful set at Shambhala Music Festival‘s Amphitheater Stage, which I’ve been playing on repeat. It’s so. Damn. Good. Check it out here:

Aside from this spectacular live recording, Tim and Dave have released tons of other one of a kind remixes, like their funkalicious take on Fatboy Slim‘s ‘The Man’:

Or maybe their house-infused track ‘Ice Cream Sandwiches’ is more up your alley?

I don’t know about you guys, but I give electronic music producers (and performers) so much more credit when they’re able to display their talents across a wide spectrum of musical genres. And judging by what I’ve heard from SkiiTour, they do just that. Here’s one more track that I think especially shows their versatility. Groovy glitch hop anyone?

Enjoy! And don’t forget to stay groovy this winter 😉



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Maddy Bahner

Maddy Bahner

Maddy is currently a senior at the University of Washington studying Public Health. When she's not studying or sleeping you can find her twerking or hula hooping at the nearest music festival.
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