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Is Arty Back to His Old Ways?

Monday, March 09, 2015
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

If you're an avid Arty fan such as myself, you'll understand just how unbelievably talented this producer is and how he has the potential to create some of the most stunning tracks to date. Lately, Arty has been taking a new direction pumping out more electro/progressive tunes, nothing too terrible just an unoriginal sound that's played regularly on Beatport's Pulse Chart - just kind of blah, music.

Halsey - Hurricane (Arty Remix)

I turned into an Arty fanatic when I heard his first single, "Kate" which is hard to put into a specific genre or category, but I was immediately drawn to how melodic and different his sound was. I did some digging at the time and started to discover more and more tunes and was blown away by the production level of his music. With his roots firmly planted in progressive trance, he has a knack for crafting genuinely unique sounds in each and every one of his tracks.

An old favorite, probably one of the most gorgeous originals created.

While it's pretty common these days to see producers switch up their music to what's popular and trending, I've always had faith Arty would continue to release music regardless of what was being played in the clubs, I patiently waited for him to produce one of those incredibly uplifting tracks and started to wait for awhile, getting pretty hopeless that I would never hear something like, "Open Space" again.

Doing my usual skim through of Soundcloud his name caught my eye next to Rudimental - a strange combination of progressive and live drum and bass, none the less two of my favorites.

His remix of "Bloodstream"  is solid gold, a mixture of all three artists, including lyrical sensation Ed Sheeran, and a breath of old Arty. Much like his infamous London Grammar remix, "Hey Now", it's different, uplifting and something you don't get sick of listening to.

I'm hopeful he will continue to strive in the dance music world, whether that's making the music we've grown to love him by, or something different. Which typeof Arty do you prefer?