Take The Plummet With tiasu

YouTuber and finder of most excellent music, mrsuicidesheep, has struck audio gold again! This time in the form of one chiptune maestro, tiasu. More specifically, his epic track “Plummet.” This is a retro chiptune track that harkens back to the time spent in front of the television questing for new items, instead of actually going outside. Coupled with a driving bass, this piece feels new and exciting without losing that old school video game vibe.

The track itself starts off with some lively strings, lofty flute, and playful xylophone work. It quickly turns into a intense journey across tiasu’s well-crafted video game inspired soundscape before diving into a bit of rock-centric wizardry. It’s both fun and fiery, bringing the best of the old and utilizing it to complement the new – or is it the other way around?

No matter which way you want to view it, tiasu’s “Plummet” is worth the jump.

If you like this song and want to here more. Check out bandcamp for tiasu’s name your price album, Rising.


Janessa Demeule

Janessa Demeule

Residing somewhere on a habitable rock floating in space, Janessa has chosen to accept the mission of spreading funky beats to the citizens of the world. A self-proclaimed audio addict and Guardian of the Groove, she can be seen wandering the streets in a state of trance. If you stop her, you might find yourself being submitted to the best trance, drum and bass, UK hardcore, and various mixtapes (to name a few). She is relentless in her desire to spread the musical love and earn her "mission accomplished" sticker.
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