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Get to Know: Felyx Snow

Friday, September 30, 2016

FelyxSnow has quickly become a member of my family. I met him in Chicago last summer through his sister, who is also family. As I've said many many times before, the best moments in life are the ones that you cannot tell a single soul about. During our short friendship, Felyx and I have shared more than one of those. While not winning weekends and putting dance floors into therapy, we sometimes work on music together. I've been booking him on an increasing amount of my shows. He's also got a monthly radio show on Onlythebeat called Homebass. While touring up and down the west coast, I had the chance to spend a few nights crashing on his couch and asking him all sorts of questions. Click play, jam out, and read up! Only The Beat: How’d you get your start? FelyxSnow: I first got into music when I started playing Trombone at like 8 years old. I was living in the southern part of the US so Jazz had a significant part of building my palette. I spent my childhood before in Philly which is the home of Motown. Combine the two seeds of soul and funk, while growing up in the golden age of computers and electronics, it totally makes sense in hindsight how I got into Techno, House and Progressive. Only The Beat: How did that turn into a career choice? FelyxSnow: When it comes to producing, that began at a younger age dicking around in FL Studio making rap beats when I was 13. Seriously. I think everyone goes through that stage. It wasn’t until I took a sound design class with a master sound designer and producer that it became a career choice. He lifted the hood for me and got me thinking about what I was listening to and how to synthesize sounds. At that point I knew music production was for me. Went to school for Electronic Music Production & Sound Design, still wrapping that up. By night, DJ-ing gives me a way to share music I love as well as test out some tracks or ideas I’ve been banging around. By day, I’m a Logic Pro trainer. Only The Beat: Tell us about your first gig ever. FelyxSnow: First gig ever. Was a friends birthday party at a local hookah joint. It didn't even feel like a big deal since it was me and some friends. The only difference was instead of listening to our favorite songs at home or in the car we got to share it with everyone else. Then I got to meet other local house heads and that broadened my listening spectrum and the rest is history. Only The Beat: What are you excited about in the upcoming months? Any big gigs or releases to look forward to? FelyxSnow: This weekend is going to be huge with the LAZA night show followed by the Good Vibe Tribe Festival! I'll be doing a set at the OTB stage this weekend which I'm super thankful for the chance. I'm sure there'll be more details for the coming holiday season. Then kicking the new year off with some exciting shows in Florida! If you're on the west coast, you can grab tickets to his show tonight at the Ventura Beach Club here, and ticket to the Good Vibe Tribe Festival here.