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Markus Schulz Nashville - Scream Bus Tour

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Markus Schulz graced Nashville with his presence on the Scream Bus tour featuring The M Machine and KhoMha, and it was amazing. [caption id="attachment_8500" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Downtown Nashville Downtown Nashville[/caption]

Those of us who reside in Nashville know that we have a reputation of being the country music capital of the world, which is very true. However, we are also known as "Music City." To those on the outside it may seem like a place that EDM could never thrive, or even survive, but that is not true. Any EDM fan here in Nashville knows that we are, in a way, like the Marines. The few and the proud. We may even seem invisible sometimes in the shadow of the CMA's or the Ryman, but every now and then we all answer the call and show up in force. Even if it is a Wednesday night.

Those who braved the hump day storm and risked showing up for work late the next day were treated to a spectrum of electronic music with fantastic production quality. Anthem, the night club that hosted the event, did a great job accommodating the mood and helping to reinforce the intense energy that Markus and the other performers brought with them.

[caption id="attachment_8501" align="aligncenter" width="632"]KhoMha - Anthem, Nashville - Only The Beat KhoMha - Anthem, Nashville[/caption]

Khomha opened, and he did so properly. His song selection invited the fans to the dance floor, and prepared them for the "unicorn slaying" to come. Seriously it was like good foreplay. But it didn't stop there.

[caption id="attachment_8499" align="aligncenter" width="646"]The M Machine - Anthem - Nashville - Only The Beat The M Machine[/caption]

In an almost seamless transition, The M Machine took the stage and put the crowd through an experience. Now when people say "experience," you mostly tend to think of something life altering, which their performance in many ways was. This, however, was more a journey than anything. Perfectly synced visuals took the crowd on a journey through space and time while The M Machine performed much like a pit orchestra playing a score to a feature film. The only thing that would break the crowd from their memorizing trance was the intense and incredibly unique beats that brought the energy level of the room to astronomical heights. 80's sounding anthems? Check. Grade A Dubstep? Check. Driving Electro House? Check. How could this get any better? I had just experienced what I thought to be the perfect blend of M83 and OWSLA (which The M Machine is signed to). Could this get any better? Oh that's right. Markus Schulz, who headlines main stages across the planet, was about to go on right in front of us. In Nashville, TN. And he did just that.

[caption id="attachment_8483" align="aligncenter" width="649"]Markus Schulz - Ultra - OTB Markus Schulz at Ultra Music Festival 2013[/caption]

His entrance felt like Michael Jordan being introduced during his prime at a Bulls game. His name flashed across the walls, airy female vocals seemed reminiscent of a per-battle song out of 300, and then BOOM. Instant awesomeness. And that level of intensity never fully went away throughout the entire show. Now normally I would try and put into words how well his set went, but I really can't do that properly. This video will give you a better idea, but nothing is quite like the experience of being there. The Nashville EDM crowd came out in full effect, and it was so inspiring to see Trance fans in the heart of Music City. Thank you Markus (and friends) for a great show. We seriously welcome you back any time.

Oh and everyone bring that energy to Tritonal. Dave and Chad tend to tear it up.