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Martin Garrix - Animals (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Lauren Hruska


Word on the street is that Martin Garrix's Animals was the biggest track of EDC Las Vegas.  All my friends who attended said every time the track was dropped it released their inner dancing beast.

The official music video for Animals debuted a little over a week ago and it's absolutely brilliant.  Dark, sexy and violent director Mark Loonen perfectly translates the song into video, capturing its very essence. The viewer follows a squad of b boys in animal masks through an alley and into a raging party where they bust out some breaks.  Then we watch as the b boys continue on to smash up a car and set it on fire (do NOT try that at home!).  Press play and feel your heart start to race, adrenaline pump and don't resist your animal instincts. Martin Gaarix - Animals Purchase Animals on Beatport: HERE

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