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Robyn and Röyksopp Sayyit in this glitchy video

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rising to fame as a popstar around the same time as Britney Spears, Robin Miriam Carlsson is still young, fierce and on stage. With her first international album release in 2005, Robyn, she has become known as more than just a Swedish national treasure. From being featured on Basement Jaxx, BBC Radio 1, a Snoop Dogg remix and as the back up vocals for Madonna, Robyn performed live at the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize concert. Working from her own home, she built her own business in 2005, Konichiwa Records, and continues to produce and tour. Robyn is known for her extreme videos with a huge fashion focus. In an interview with Embassy One, she explains herself:

"Style is really important to what I do. To me, it's not about fashion, it's what I communicate through what I wear."

In this video for "Sayyit," Robyn's style says it in black and white and chunky astronaut shoes to a glitchy techno beat. RobynR I'm not sure if the shoes or the chicken feet are more memorable, but it's no wonder the electro duo Röyksopp teamed up with this popstar. The director Johan Renck admits, "She's such a fucking brilliant performer."  Evolving her style from an electropop diva inspired by Madonna, Robyn joins forces with the darker tones of Röyksopp for a video premiering on H&M Life. Check out her style in this performance and decide for yourself what Robyn communicates -- say it!  [funky_divider] [funky_divider] Robyn