The Chainsmokers break down your EDM Festival essentials

PLUR – check

Kandi – Check

Fat heads – Check

Cool costumes – Check

Get weird? – Check

Tiesto approved.

Watch Alex and Drew from The Chainsmokers break down EDM festival essentials in this video from Elite Daily.

Sidenote: The guy in the beginning makes a comment about knowing The Chainsmokers before they were famous, and I think that statement rings true for a lot of EDM bloggers. One of the reasons The Chainsmokers blew up was by writing super long, personal, hilarious emails to bloggers. The emails were real, none of the formulated press releases I get from most artist PR. The little things go a long way. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more video content from them soon 😉

Daniel Taibleson

Daniel Taibleson

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Daniel Taibleson
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Daniel Taibleson

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