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Funny or Die Joins the fight against the DJ Mag Top 100

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

It's amazing to see EDM issues getting mainstream coverage from media outlets as big as Funny or Die. It's not anything new to dedicated EDM fans. Every year, just about this time, DJ's all over the world begin begging fans to vote for them in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll. The poll is currently seen as something of an importance in the industry, as it has the power to influence how much DJ's get booked, which we all know is where DJs make the majority of their money. But over the past few years, the fans have been catching on, mostly due to the diligence of bloggers uncovering flaws in the voting system and making strong accusations about the ability for DJ's to rise in the ranks if they spending more advertising dollars with DJ Mag. While I don't know if those rumors are true....the list is an absolutely piece of horseshit. Anyone with good taste in music knows it. And it's about damn time that some high profile artists  like A-Trak and Destructo are choosing to speak out against it rather than perpetuate it. And of course, the video is hilarious.
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