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Hardwell's "Echo" Music Video Presents A Beautiful Contrast of Love And Lost

Monday, April 27, 2015

The music video is making a comeback. For sometime, it seemed that since TV channels like MTV and VH1 were deviating into reality TV that the music video was slowly dying out, but with the rise in social media, the visual story telling of music videos provides an additional dimension to the music it is based around. Hardwell just released the music video for his recent output, "Echo," off his debut LP and it perfectly executes its role of broadening the song's creative scope. Contrast is the word that really stands out in this video. First, Hardwell naturally developed a contrast in the framework of the track placing Jonathan Mendelsohn's lavish voice alongside blasting synth scapes, sublime piano melodies, and gritty bass grates that seem to play off each other in an innovative fashion. In the story, the director, Robin Piree, contrasts love and loss for the man who follows a wolf into his past where at the end, they become friends instead of strangers. In the end, the interpretation of the song into a visual feature deserves a pat on the back by all parties and fans should take a small five minutes to really watch and digest this stunning output. You can watch the music video for "Echo" below, and grab the tune on iTunes.