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Kaskade's New Music Video reminds Us We Never Sleep Alone

Wednesday, May 06, 2015
Janessa Demeule

2015 isn't even halfway done and Kaskade is already riding high off of an successful year. He started off touring in February, announced a multi-year residency in Las Vegas, has delivered unbelievable festival performances - including a rhapsodic Coachella crowd made of legends - and now that his track "Never Sleep Alone" has reached over a million plays on Spotify, he can add that to what is sure to be "The Year Kaskade Dominated Everything". [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="549"] Seriously, look at that crowd. That's a small country's worth of people.[/caption] In the midst of all this he has managed to put out an allegorical music video, depicting a collection of subconscious, dream-like narratives that speak both as parts and as whole pieces of a much larger, story. While many other producers utilize film of energetic youth caught in euphoric poses or large intricate dance routines to capitalize their song, Kaskade breaks away from that equation to get to the deeper, more visual aspect of what his lyrics mean to him. Kaskade shared the journey of writing the song on his official site and the basic meaning is that we never sleep alone. The thoughts that plague us are in many ways a comfort, keeping close to us and linger long after the day is over. Even when we drift off, our subconsciousness minds seek to create and replicate faces and moods that permeate throughout our daily interactions. This idea also highlights the fact that when your eyes close, the world does not stop around you. Hearts continue to beat, words continue to be spoken, people continue to interact in a plethora of ways. You might not be aware of these things until you awake, but the world still turns outside your window.  A solace that even the loneliest of humans, is never alone. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="523"] You know what else Kaskade dominates? Sleeping through anything.[/caption] In the video Kaskade can be seen sleeping on a bed, clothed in white. The bed serves as an usher through several instances of social interactions Kaskade has manifested around his sleeping form. Suggesting that while he is physically alone in bed, in his mind he is never alone. The white of his outfit suggests in most Western schools of film, a pureness of heart. As he drifts through these dreams his pureness clashes against visually loud scenes. Drum lines, traffic, riots, and more line the streets as he floats softly through. Some times he is noticed by a passer-by, mostly he just exists in the same space, unnoticed. Amidst the reflections of our current world, Kaskade manages to drive home the point that we are not alone. The music video for "Never Sleep Alone" reaches a finale as Kaskade floats through riotous streets, he arrives back in the room he fell asleep in. As a hand reaches out, he awakes. It leaves viewers feeling as if they too, have woken up from a dream. The final note fades out as the residual sensation of trying to extricate meaning from the dream kicks in. A powerful ending that will resonate with both fans and newcomers alike.