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'Heard but Not Seen' Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes with Dance Music

Thursday, May 14, 2015

To the average festival-goer, the life of a DJ seems to revolve around glitz and glamour. As dance music has slowly crossed over into the mainstream more and more, it seems like superstar DJs are treated more and more like celebrities and pop stars - for standing on stage and spinning a set. While that mindset may be pervasive throughout the typical festival-goer, it is a disservice to those who plan for months in advance, and work endlessly, to make sure that these events, whether they are festivals or concerts, go smoothly and without issues. A new documentary, titled Heard But Not Seen, by Doug Bogan and Mike Koziel goes behind the scenes of dance music, peeling back the curtain of fame and fortune to give dance music fans a glimpse at the hard work and immense amount of planning that goes into throwing an event. Heard But Not Seen is a documentary that is the first-of-its-kind, as Bogan and Koziel traveled across the country in search of the various answers to the puzzle of event production in electronic dance music. By seeking out artists, like Kap Slap, industry executives, like Alex Bender, Kap Slap’s manager, and production specialist, Tom McPhilips, amongst other artists Manila Killa and Cash Cash, Bogan and Koziel managed to deliver a 30 minute documentary that shines a spotlight on those who work without recognition in the music industry - and we couldn’t be more appreciative of everything they do. Stream Heard But Not Seen below!