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Dillon Francis - Exit Through The Donut Hole

Friday, July 17, 2015
Daniel Taibleson

Dillon Francis has two words for you: Fu*k Broccoli. Looking for to waste 15 minutes of your Friday watching Dillon Francis walk around dressed as a donut? Of course you are, it's Dillon Francis! We all know he's going to be the first big mainstream EDM artist to cross over into acting and this is just the tip of the ice berg.

Dillon Francis - Exit Through The Donut Hole (I Can't Take It) Complete with everything you'd expect from a feature film (drama, action, tears, black and white slow-mo, beautiful women, and humans dressed as food) I was thoroughly impressed with 15 min short. The real credit of course goes to the writer and director Agata Alexander who might just have the coolest job ever. Pretty jealous. Follow her on Twitter here: