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Hardwell Announces New Remix Album + Documentary Details

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

You can’t be the best without a strong work ethic, and Hardwell has already established himself as one of dance music’s hardest workers. The Dutch bigroom boss and dance music will be forever connected, as he helped dance music grow to become the pop music of this generation, and dance music’s explosion in popularity resulted in Hardwell being crowned the #1 DJ in the world in 2013, a momentous achievement. Following his crowning, Hardwell released his first I Am Hardwell documentary, which followed the Revealed Recordings head honcho from his humble beginnings up until his first-ever world tour. Now, with the opportunity for a third straight crown as the world’s #1 DJ on the line, Hardwell is giving us another glimpse into his life with his I Am Hardwell - Living the Dream documentary, which will premiere at ADE in October and picks up where his last one left off. Additionally, a month after the premiere of his second documentary, Hardwell will be releasing a remix album for his debut album, United We Are. You can check out the trailer for I Am Hardwell - Living the Dream below, and make sure to mark your calendars for the release of United We Are.

 I Am Hardwell - Living the Dream (Documentary)