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Meet The Happy People of Dreamville, TomorrowWorld's Camping City

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Since it's inception, TomorrowWorld has been home to thousands upon thousands from around the world, and this year was no different. People from all walks of life come to enjoy all that the festival has to offer - the world-class music, larger-than-life production, delectable food, communal atmosphere, gorgeous venue, and above all - the good vibes that are present throughout the festival. Despite some mishaps that happened with the festival's logistics, many people still had an unforgettable experience, and Elite Daily's new mini-documentary, The People of Dreamville, is a perfect depiction of that. The documentary runs through unique stories of several attendees, ranging from a couples, to a cancer survivor, to an army veteran, and more. Each of these people divulge how important TomorrowWorld is to them, how it has played a positive role in their lives, and how the communal aspect of the experience is one of the most powerful things about it.