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Music videos that make you trip: Watch "Heart of the Moment"

Thursday, December 03, 2015
Brandon Dorsky

Recruiting a reoccurring pop culture TV star for your music videos is not a bad formula for collecting views --- especially when the videos are so creatively executed like Mansions on The Moon's.  The electro-pop trio's latest installment, "Heart of the Moment," a track featured on their self-titled debut album, sees Lindsey Haun (True Blood, Star Trek, etc.) and Ashley Holiday navigate a strange world complimented by the exceptional effects work from Studio APA. While the video took less than 6 hours to shoot, it took director Steven Nguyen and APA more than 3 months to complete all the effects work to translate the song's out of body experience into visual art.  Haun, who was also in the group's video for "Somewhere Else Tonight," runs through fantasy landscapes with Holiday as they "look for something magical" according to director Nguyen.