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Karma Fields’ New Age|Dark Age Audiovisual Experience

Monday, May 02, 2016
Alex Zimmerman

Groundbreaking. One-of-a-kind. Unique. These are the words to describe Monstercat's hidden gem Karma Fields debut album New Age|Dark Age. Now imagined into an visual album from Raven Kwok; polygon shapes, moving lines and the contrast between black and white join with the music creating an audiovisual experience that hasn't been seen before, check it out below.

Karma Fields - New Age|Dark Age [Integrated Video] by Raven Kwok

Mesmerizing shapes and line movement give "Edge of the World" an extra progressive touch to the fantastic original, while Raven incorporates the lyrics and smoke style color to "Stickup." With each passing second, the visuals consume more of your senses, accentuating Karma Field's stellar album. Weaving in and out of the album, Raven Kwok's visuals set a new bar for music videos. Combining technology and the art of cubism, his imagination knows no bounds shifting from human silhouettes in "Greatness," to spider web-like art in ""Skyline." Culminating around the 30-minute mark with breakout single "Build The Cities," he creates human faces with geometric shapes and more creating a new standard of technological music videos. In an age where Virtual Reality is becoming a household item, this video stretches our imagination of what can be created, giving us a sneak peek at the future of audiovisual experiences. We are left at the end, begging for future releases from Karma Fields, and in turn, Raven Kwok. Check out the video above and make sure to purchase your copy of New Age|Dark Age now. Stay up to date on future Monstercat and Karma Fields news here at Only The Beat and let us know what your favorite moment of the video is!

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