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Your Story 010 | Holding On With Time, Things Will Get Better

Friday, February 21, 2014


I think the most beautiful moment that I experienced in EDM was the set that Above & Beyond played at ASOT 600 in Miami at Ultra Music Festival. For a large part of my life I had been dealing with serious depression and self harm issues, I was really getting to the end of my ability to keep going. But once those first notes started playing, something inside me changed, every problem I had ever felt just melted away. The set continued and they dropped Holding On by Maor Levi. They wrote on the screen during the song, "Holding on with time things will get better". It was the exact message I needed to hear at the exact moment. That moment gave me the strength to continue to live, and now I look forward to seeing Above & Beyond this year again in Miami with my boyfriend, recovered from the things that were plaguing me. It's moments like this that EDM delivers, EDM doesn't just speak to the ears, its speaks to the soul and stirs the most joyous parts inside of you. EDM to me is the language of love and caring, and the thing that saved my life

Above & Beyond at Ultra Music Festival, Miami 17.03.2013

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