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I'm a 27 year-old Drummer who grew up on Pop

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear OTB, I am a 27-year-old drummer who grew up on pop, 70's rock, and alternative music. Later I got into metal, jazz, and classical. I played in a local metal band from age 16-19. I enjoy many different music styles, but I am very particular in each genre. It needs to be special for me to really dig it. After my band broke up, I spent years looking for another band I could enjoy with no luck. My first EDM experience was in the summer of 2012 at a Steve Angello concert. The experience was out of this world – far better than any rock concert I had been to.


That same summer, I got into Nero's Welcome Reality album. What separates Nero from other EDM artists is how they maintain the feel of a band since they sometimes perform live vocals, the drumming sounds real on certain tracks (e.g. “Me and You”), and the songs transition well on that album. Around this time I tried drumming along to EDM songs and it was really inspiring for me. I began making Youtube videos of my EDM drum covers in order to show bands how I play and hopefully gain the attention of DJ's looking to experiment with a drummer. My cover of Nero “Promises” received moderate Youtube recognition and inspired one of your articles:



This was truly awesome for me. However, my efforts really paid off when I was invited to audition for a rock band after they saw my videos. I am very happy to be in my band today, but I am still working on my goal of collaborating with a DJ. Although many drummers are now playing EDM covers on Youtube, I have not seen any performing live with well-known EDM artists. This should happen and it could form a new sub-genre.

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Today there are rock fans who refuse to give EDM a chance and a lot of EDM fans have gotten bored with rock. A rock/EDM combo could be very appealing and attract more music fans out to shows. Imagine a big name like Nero performing a set, but they bring a drummer on stage to play a couple of songs at key points during the show. That would get the crowd fired up and I would like to be that drummer. I will never forget my first EDM experiences. They influenced my musical tastes, my approach to drumming, and my friendships. As you can see in the attached video, a drum cover of Dada Life, the influence is ongoing. Thank you OTB for recognizing my work in the past and I hope you find this latest drum cover entertaining.

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