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Raving For All The Wrong Reasons

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

At 14 I was in the Rave scene for all the wrong reason. Going only because my friends thought it was fun to consume party drugs and make fun of PLUR and Kandi because it was immature and outdated—in fact, I'm not sure why I even went. After a 2 year break and going through one of many of life’s obstacles the true meaning of PLUR manifested from within myself. My eyes were opened to the therapeutic beats of Infected Mushroom, Zeds Dead, Beats Antique, Adventure Club, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Tritonal, and so many other talented artists who changed my life forever. There have been countless sleepless nights where the only solace I found was in Heavyweight by Infected Mushroom or Good For Me by Above & Beyond. No other genre has ever touched my soul like EDM has. I vividly remember walking through the gates of the Gorge for Paradiso 2013 and feeling the hairs on my neck stand up, my heart pounding, and my hips uncontrollably bouncing to the beat as I looked onto the mainstage, hovering over thousands of people. Everybody was smiling and loving each other unconditionally forgetting the harshness of reality. your edm story All lines of reality are blurred and all inhibitions are lost—even if only for a split moment. I have never seen so many beautifully ornate handcrafted outfits, heard so many squeals and outbursts of excitement, and shared so many PLUR moments than when I'm at a massive, an intimate show, or at a Festival. No amount of drugs can recreate the euphoria I feel when I'm raving (especially sober)! Raving has taught me to listen to my body, to let go and live in the moment, and to be grateful to be alive and aware! Don’t ever forget the PLUR! -Mara

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